E-mail : mynameis@hajunho.com

I am currently working with…   (My workspace will be shared by bittorrent magnet. Plz click it without running bittorrent.)

  1. WebRTC : hublin (magnet(meeting.tar.gz on ubuntu 16.04LTS_x64)) seed by me 24hr all the time.
  2. Linux Kernel 4.15.8 vanilla (magnet(used when I teach linux kernel)) seed by me.

Video call server(using Azure) has been down because of cost issue(2017. 10. 11.-2017. 11. 10.) and will be opened Nov.11


I really like this company.


대한민국 프로그래머

  1. 신규상장회사
  2. 증권보관
  3. 기업정보
  4. 신규입법진행
  5. 법령정보
  6. 국회정보


  1. OMG
  2. CORBA

E-mail : mynameis@hajunho.com